AACTFest 2017: AACT Design Competition

Design Competition & Exhibition

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Design Competition & Exhibition to Celebrate Designers and Their Work

Show off the designs that enhance your productions and take them to new levels. The AACT 2017 National Design Competition & Exhibition will showcase the best of community theatre in this country. It’s an opportunity for your theatre and designers to shine!

The AACT 2017 National Design Competition & Exhibition recognizes how important designers are to the success of theatre productions.  AACT member theatres and their designers may enter; designs must be of projects occurring between July 2015 and June 2017. 

Design Categories

  • Scenic
  • Costume/Make-up/Hair
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Special Effects/Technical Design
  • Graphics
  • Website

Designers submitting entries for more than one theatre must submit a separate registration for each production.
Theatres submitting entries for more than one designer must submit a separate registration for each designer.
Designs will be on display in the Mayo Civic Center Conference Center from 8:30am to 4:00pm Thursday and Friday, June 29-30, and 8:30am to 1:00 pm  on Saturday, July 1. 
Awards will be presented for Outstanding Overall Design and Outstanding in the individual categories (as warranted).
Outstanding Overall Design will receive a $300 cash prize.  Individual Category Design Winners will receive a $100 cash prize.

General Guidelines:

  • There will be an entry fee of $20 for each design.
  • Entry must be from a realized production.
  • Entry of the Design may be made by the Member Company or by the Individual Member Designer.
    Either the Designer OR the Presenting Company MUST be Members of AACT.
  • The Entry must be exhibited at Festival and must be set up Wednesday, June 28 from 4 – 6pm, and removed 1 - 3pm Saturday, July 1.

Requirements for All Entries:

  • Every Entry must have a written “Design Statement” in which the designer discusses the concept, thought and rationale for their design.
    This “Design Statement” should be no longer than 250 words.
  • Photos or videos of the design as it was originally presented ARE required.
    A Sound Design entrant will need an audio playback rather than visual.
  • A pleasing presentation of the Design Entry is strongly encouraged.

The AACT Competition & Exhibition gives you the chance to become visible by displaying examples of your craft at AACTFest 2017 - it’s finally all about YOU!  Exhibit examples at the national theatre festival of the fine work you produce in your home spaces.  You can even ship your display and we will set it up for you!  Let’s make this Design Competition and Exhibition one to remember by covering the walls with your work!

For more information, contact Bob Frame: 315-294-8640, framer@cayuga-cc.edu; Rich Gannon: 630-305-7348, rgannon49@gmail.com; or the AACT office: 817-732-3177, info@aact.org

Entry forms need to be submitted by June 16, 2017.


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