Gold Disaster Plan

Hytropy Offers Gold Disaster Plan
Helping you amid the current global health crisis

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Hytropy's Gold Certification Program is being offered free to AACT members*, along with a free threat plan in Hytropy's mobile app, Disaster Hawk. The Community Theatre Gold Certification Program goes live on the app April 4, 2020.

Hytropy will provide users with updates and all needed information. They will:

  1. Download the app and set up a meeting to activate the plan and customize settings for your theatre. To request an appointment: 2020-04disasterhawkonboarding?
  2. Set up calls will be handled by Hytropy disaster planners who ask the same questions to hundreds of companies: how do you want to evacuate, where do you have sanitation supplies, etc. None of the interview and setup calls are handled by the sales team.
  3. Plans are updated on a monthly basis (and during COVID-19, they are doing this every 48 hours)
  4. Once set up, your plan will be locked and certified to prevent anyone from modifying them. There will be a gold certification mark to denote the "official" plan of the theatre

In return, Hytropy asks AACT's member theatres to announce their Gold Certification Program on the theatre's social media profiles, and place an announcement on the theatre website.  (Hytropy will provide everything needed for this.)

Links to the  Hytropy app:

*Not an AACT member? Sign-up now at

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