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AACTFest Program Information

Program Information
AACTFest is the culmination of state and regional theatre festivals from around the country, leading to a biennial national festival. It presents an opportunity for collaboration, mutual support, refinement of skills, and creating lifelong memories. Goals of AACTFest include providing a national platform to celebrate and showcase productions presented by theatres, large and small. We are very excited at the prospect of your participation!

This form is for you to enter your company and production information. Please be sure you provide accurate and complete information, with correctly spelled names, as it will be used as a reference for you at every level to which you may advance (i.e., state, regional, national).

Disclaimer:  This webform cannot be submitted without your State or Regional Festival Chair's email address.  If you do not know the email, or are in need of general assistance, please reach out to the AACT Office at 817-732-3177. Thank You!

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Specify if in public domain.

If theatre logo and company production photos have not been previously submitted, please email to [email protected].

Show Warnings/Ratings
Please provide us with any audience warnings below.

Note: Mild cursing includes curse words, but does not include religious cursing or the f-word. Moderate cursing includes curse words and religious slurs, but does not include the f-word. Severe cursing includes all curse words and religious slurs, including the f-word.
Please provide us with any further warnings not listed above.

Credit: Rating system was developed by Live Arts Theatre. Reference can be found liveartstheatre.org/our-rating-system


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