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Green leavesThank You!  With those two words, we convey our heartfelt appreciation of the generosity of our donors. Their gifts help AACT continue offering a wide range of expertise, assistance, networking, and support, so that theatres can provide the best possible experience for participants and audiences alike.

We thank each of them for helping to ensure the future of community theatre in America.

Contributors, September 1, 2018 - August 31, 20189

AACT NewPlayFest
Jack K. Ayre & Frank Ayre Lee
Theatre Foundation

AACT Youth Residency
Jack K. Ayre & Frank Ayre Lee
Theatre Foundation

$1000 and above
Eugene and Susan Irby

Bellingham Theatre Guild
Gary Walker
Julie Crawford
William Muchow

JoAnne Nissen
Stan Christianson

Supporting Role
H. Harv Thompson
James Crow
Twink Lynch

Bob & Ann Frame
Carole E. Ries
David L. Allen
James and Nancy Carver
Jefferson Performing Arts Society
Mark & Betty Peters
Martha J. Cherbini
Owen Allen
Patricia Janssen
Richard Gannon
Ronald J. and Wanda Coats Schenk
Sara Phoenix
Scott Richard Klein
Waxahachie Community Theatre

Amy McDow
Bert Haney
Brian Schultz
Dabney Coors
David Schwab
Dawna R Kornick
Iola Community Theatre, Inc.
Jacquelyn K. & Glenn R. Cavanaugh
John B. Harper
John E. Lavender
Keith Thomson
Larry Pint
Minnesota Short Play Company
Ole Olson Onstage
Patricia Paveglio
Penelope Hall
Players De Noc, Inc.
Prescott Valley Performing Arts, Inc. dba Lonesome Valley Playhouse
Robert Donegan


Sharon Burum
Sherrie Mattson
Susan K. Phillips
Tupelo Community Theatre
Virginia Mueller
West Hudson Arts & Theater
William (Bill) Anderson, Jr.
Williamsburg Players
Workshop Theatre


4th Street Theater/North Coast Cultural Association
Act 1 Scene 1 Theatre Company
ACTING OUT! Theater Company
Actors Repertory Theatre of Idaho
Alathea Blischke
Albuquerque Theatre Guild
Allen Ebert
Amelia Community Theatre
Angelo Civic Theatre
Ankeny Community Theatre
Ann Gorman
Applause Community Theatre
April J’ Callahan  Marshall
Area Community Theatre of Mitchell
Arlington Children's Theatre
Artisan Center Theater
Arts in CT Corporation
Arts View Children's Theatre
Ascension Community Theatre
Ashtabula Arts Center
Aspen Community Theatre
Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre, Inc.
Austin Comstock
Avon Players
Axiom Events/Phoenix Innovations: Jo Doran Ayers
Baker County Community Theatre
Barbara Nouvel
Barnstormers Theatre, Inc
Bay City Players, Inc.
BeanStalk Community Theatre
Bellevue Society for the Arts
Belmont Dramatic Club, Inc
Bethesda Little Theatre
Betsy Kennedy
Bev Dochstader
Billings Studio Theatre
Biloxi Little Theatre
Black Hills Community Theatre
Blue Ridge Theatre Guild
Blue Ridge Youth Theater
Brian Huggins
Bruce Barnes
Brunswick Little Theatre
Burlington County Footlighters
California Stage Company
Calumet Players
Carl L. Williams
Carolyn McCloskey
Carolyn Rossi Copeland
Carriage House Players
Carrie Haines
CarrollWood Players
Cassidy Theatre Inc
Cathy Cutshall
Center Stage Theatre, Inc.
Central Kentucky Community Theatre, Inc.
Central Stage Theatre of County Kitsap
Cheatham County Community Theater
Cheyenne Little Theatre Players
Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild
Christi Thomas & Robin Stemm
Citrus County Art League, Inc.
Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, Inc.
Clark Youth Theatre
Clarksville Little Theatre
Clio Cast and Crew, Inc.
Cloverdale Playhouse
Colquitt County Arts Center Theatre
Columbia Entertainment Company
Community Players of Streator, Inc.
Community Theatre Assn of Michigan
Community Theatre of Terre Haute, Inc.
Conejo Players, Inc.
Connie Mockenhaupt
Coronado Playhouse
Cottage Theatre
Craig Williams
Crested Butte Mountain Theatre
Cumberland Players
Curtain Call Theatre
Curtain Call, Inc.
Curtain Players, Inc.
Dakota Fine Arts Consortium
Dakota Stage,Ltd.
Dale Hagan
Dalles Theatre Company
Dan Goggin
Darrell G. Wagner, Jr.
Davis Performing Arts Association dba CenterPoint Legacy Theatre
Dee Bryll
Dee Dee O'Connor
Delaware Theatre Association
Dennis G. Assaf
DeSoto Family Theatre
Different Drum Theatrics
Doobie Potter
Dorcey Winant
Dramateurs, Inc. at the Barn Playhouse
Dukesbay Productions
Duncanville Community Theatre
Duwain Hunt
Edward Gates
Eleanor Smith
Elizabeth (Betsy) Willis



Elizabeth Orndorff
Elkhart Civic Theatre, Inc.
Elyse Nass
Enchanted Playhouse Theatre Company
Encore Senior Players
Encore Theatre Company
Encore Theatre Company, Inc
Ennis Public Theatre
Entertainment, Inc!
Erica McGee
Essex Theatre Company, Inc.
Facility for Performing Arts Creative Training (The PACT)
Fenton Village Players
Flagler Playhouse
Florence Little Theatre
Footlight Club
Footlighters, Inc.
Francis Quinlan
Franklin Footlight Theatre
Fredericksburg Theater Company
Fungus Amongus Players
Gainesville Community Playhouse
Gary Hinte
Gary Murway
Gaylord Community Productions, Inc.
Gibson County Youth Theatre
Gloriana Musical Theatre
Graham Regional Theatre
Granville Little Theatre, Inc
GreenMan Theatre Troupe
Greenwood Community Theatre
Gregory Miller
Gwen Adams
Habersham Community Theatre
Hal McCombs
Halifax County Little Theatre
Hamilton-Gibson Productions
Happy Ending Lyric Players
Harbor Playhouse
Henderson County Performing Arts Center
Herb Hemming
Hickory Community Theatre
Idaho Association of Community Theatres
Imagine Productions of Columbus, Inc
Innovative Theater Productions
Jacquelyn S. de Torres
Jain Harshita
James A. Sohre
James Johnson
Jan & Scott Bloom
Jaselyn Blanchard
Jerry Goodwin
Jerry Zaback
Jessie Roberts
Jim Cavanaugh
Joan Fuess
John Murphy
Johnson City Community Theatre
Josh Kimball
Judith Sapperstein
Judy Rozema
Kaleidescope Theatre, Inc
Kathy Green
Kay Weaver
Kearney Community Theatre
Ken Vest
Kentwood Players
Keuka Lake Players, Inc.
Kim Martin
Kim Pryor
Kimberly Hess
Kirkwood Theatre Guild
KJK Productions
Kokomo Civic Theatre
Kristi and William Quinn
Kristofer Geddie
LA Community Little Theatre
Lago Vista Players
Lake County Theatre Company
Lake Wales Little Theatre
Landmark Community Theatre
Las Cruces Community Theatre
Laurens County Community Theatre
Lawton Community Theatre, Inc.
Le Mars Community Theatre
Lewis & Clark Theatre Company
Lincoln Community Playhouse
Lincoln County Community Theater & Orchestra
Linda Sue Miller
Little Lake Theatre Company
Little Theatre of Alexandria
Little Theatre of Norfolk
Little Theatre of Owatonna, Inc.
Little Theatre Off Broadway
Lompoc Civic Theatre
Los Alamos Little Theatre
Lowell Irby
Lynn Nelson
Lynn Rossi Scott
Madison Community Players, Inc.
Magnolia Arts Center
Mainstage Classic Theatre
Manatee Players
Manhattan Arts Center
Marathon Community Theatre
Marblehead Little Theatre, Inc.
Marc Ostroff


Marco Players
Marcus Allen-Hall
Market House Theatre
Marvin Cheiten
Mary R. Ortwein
Maryland Community Theatre Festival Association
MASC - Monroe Actors Stage Company
Mask & Mirror Community Theatre
Maui Community Theater
Mckinney Repertory Theatre Young Actors Guild
Memorial Opera House
Merci McKinley
Merely Players Community Theatre
Michael & April Cochran
Michael D. Gibson & Teresa A. Eckhart
Michael Wilmot
Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre - RLOC
Millbrook Community Players, Inc.
Millennium Repertory Company
Minnesota Short Play Club Inc.
Monmouth Community Players
Montgomery Playhouse
Monzingo Center for Creative Arts
Morrie Enders
Musical Theatre of Anthem
Muskegon Civic Theatre
Naples Players, Inc.
Natalie Main
Navasota Theatre Alliance
Neodesha Arts Association
New Britain Youth Theater
New Tampa Players
NextStop Theatre Company
North Fork Community Theatre
North Platte Community Theatre
Northwoods Players, Ltd.
NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
Oak Ridge Community Playhouse
Oakland Theatre Arts Guild Inc.
Off Broad Street Players
Ojai Center for the Arts
Okeechobee Community Theatre
Omaha Community Playhouse
Ouachita Little Theatre
Owasso Community Theatre
PA Theatre of Performing Arts, Inc.
Palette, Masque and Lyre Theatre, Inc.
Pamela Livingstone
Paradox Players
Pasadena Little Theatre
Pat Souney
Patricia Barry Rumble
Patricia C. Vaughn Cultural Arts Center
Paula Mabry
Pegasus Community Theater
Pelican Playhouse Inc.
Peninsula Community Theatre
Pensacola Little Theatre, Inc.
Perry Players Community Theatre
Peter Pollard
Phoenix Stage Company
Pier One Theatre, Inc.
Placer Community Theater
Plant City Entertainment, Inc.
Players of Utica
Playmakers, Inc. of Covington
Plaza Theatre Company
Pocket Theatre, Inc.
Ponca Playhouse
Pontiac Theatre IV
Port Angeles Community Players
Port Aransas Community Theatre
Prairie Farm Playhouse
Pull Tight Players, Inc.
Pullman Civic Theatre
Pulse Opera House
Pumphouse Players, Inc.
Purchase Players
Random Acts of Artists Black Sheep Players
Raven Players
Real Life Productions LLC  Youth Center Stage
Rebecca Connolly
Regional Theatre of the Palouse
Richard Allen Schilffarth, Sr.
Richland Players
Rick Kerby
River City Players
Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts
Robert Inman
Robertson County Players
Rocky Mount Community Theatre
Roger Bean
Rosedale Community Players
Salem Community Theatre & Cultural Center, Inc.
Sally Barnes
Sam Bass Theater Association
Sandy Spring Theatre Group
SCERA Center for the Arts
Select Travel Service
Shawnee Little Theatre, Inc.


Shelton Harden
Silent Echo Theater Company
Silver Spring Stage
Sioux City Community Theatre
Slidell Little Theatre
South City Theatre
Southside Theatre Guild
Springfield Little Theatre
St. Petersburg City Theatre, Inc.
Stage Crafters Community Theatre
Standing Room Only Theatre Group
Stephen J. Crowley
Stephen Peithman
Steve Flowers
Steven Hughes
Sumter Little Theatre
Sunland Sun Space
Susan Hardie
Sylacauga Community Playhouse
Sylvia Pratt
Tahlequah Community Playhouse
Tantallon Community Players
Tara Enedy
Tater Patch Players
Ted Miller
Tennessee Theatre Association
Terry Jolink
The  Cannon Theatre Corp
The Barn Players, Inc.
The Barn Theatre, Inc.
The Burlington Players
The Church Hill Theatre, Inc.
The Circle Ensemble Theatre Company
The Corn Stock Theatre
The Dayton Theatre Guild Inc.
The Edmonds Driftwood Players
The Foundation of Arts, Inc.
The Francisco Center for the Performing Arts
The Hard Bargain Players
The Hudson Players
The IceHouse Theatre
The Key Players
The Lakewood Playhouse
The Lamplighters Community Theatre
The New Kensington Civic Theatre
The Newtowne Players
The Peacock Performing Arts Center Lilith Lidseen Performing Arts Assoc. Inc.
The Players
The Playhouse At McConnellstown
The Port Tobacco Players, Inc.
The Providence Players of Fairfax
The Slauson R.C. Theater School
The Theatre of the Republic
The Verona Studio
The Village Players Theatre
Theater Works
Theatre 29
Theatre Arlington
Theatre Huntsville
Theatre in the Grove
Theatre in the Round Players, Inc.
Theatre Jacksonville
Theatre Macon
Theatre Memphis
Theatre New Mexico
Theatre On The Ridge
Theatre Suburbia, Inc.
Theatre Winter Haven
Theatre With A Twist
Thomas Berry
Thomasville On Stage and Company (TOSAC)
Ticia Aumell
Tim Bernhardt
Tipton Community Theatre
Tomme Lynn Williams
Toni B. Cummins
TownSquare Players
Troy Civic Theatre
Twin City Players, Inc.
Union Street Players
Vermillion Players
Victor Funderburk
Vokes Players, Inc.
Walter Kleinfelder
Walter S Mitchell, Jr.
Warehouse Living Arts Center
Waukesha Civic Theatre
Western Reserve Playhouse
Westmoreland Players, Inc.
Wetumpka Depot Players, Inc.
Wheaton Drama, Inc. Playhouse 111
Wilmington Drama League
Windham Theatre Guild
WINGS Performing Arts
Winnetka Theatre DBA Big Noise Theatre
Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre, Inc.
WISP Performances
Xenia Area Community Theater
Zada & Earl Jahnsen



AACT Endowment Fund
$1000 and over
Jon Douglas Rake
  & Jeffrey A. Stvrtecky
Louis Wagner
Mary & John Doveton
Robert Wheland & Leslie Stanford
Sharon Burum
Kristi and William Quinn

$500 - $999
Gary Walker
Jim Walker & Jerry Oligmueller

Linda Sue Miller    


Nick Credgington
Stephen & Mary Krempasky

$50 - $99
Morrie Enders

Understudy $1- $49
Sue Ellen Gerrells    

In Honor of Harv Thompson
Omer Masters Jr

In Honor of Mary Britt
Stephen & Mary Krempasky
William Muchow

In Memory of Twink Lynch
Frank Peot
Mary & John Doveton



AACT Legacy Society

The AACT Legacy Society was established to provide long-term sustainability of AACT’s mission and to support theatre participation in AACT national festivals. Visit for more information.

Stephen J. Bird*
James and Nancy Carver*
Susanne Caviness*
Murray & Lori Chase*
Tom & Linda Cowley*
Julie Crawford*
Nancy & John Eppert*
Dennis and Karen Gilmore
John B. Harper*
Ginger Heath*
Eugene and Susan Irby*
Rick Kerby*
Jon S. Kerkhoff*
Linda M. Lee & Jay A. Isham*
Patty Loftis*
Rod McCullough*
Linda Sue Miller*
Wm P. Muchow*
Frank Peot*
Kristi and William Quinn*
Jon Douglas Rake & Jeffrey A.                 Stvrtecky*
Carole E. Ries*
Ronald J. and Wanda Coats Schenk*
Chris J. Serface*

H. Harv Thompson*
Gary & Janice Walker*
Jim Walker & Jerry Oligmueller*
Robert Wheland & Leslie Stanford*

*Founding Member

Thanks to the AACT Board and other AACT volunteers who pay their own travel expenses to attend meetings, and to those theatres that help with their travel expenses

Supporting AACT benefits theatres all over the country.  If you are not currently a contributor, please consider making an online donation, or send your contribution to: AACT, PO Box 101476, Fort Worth, TX 76185-1476


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