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Sample Bylaws

From basic to complex
8 different approaches for 8 very different organizations

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The samples below are based on bylaws from actual theatre companies--however, the names and locations have been changed.

  • Note that different styles and wording may be needed in different states. If you plan to incorporate as a nonprofit/charitable entity, it's wise to consult your state attorney general's office, or whichever state department has oversight over nonprofit organizations, in order to determine what specific elements must be included in your bylaws.
  • All samples are in MS Word .doc format.
Bylaws Sample 1
(8 pages - MS Word format)
Basic bylaws for a company with the mission "To foster, promote, and increase the public knowledge and appreciation of the arts and cultural activities in Middleton County through theater." Bylaws1.doc
Bylaws Sample 2
(7 pages - MS Word format)
Basic bylaws for "a non-profit Public Benefit Corporation incorporated ... as a voluntary charitable organization of persons interested in amateur, non-remunerative theatre." Bylaws2.doc
Bylaws Sample 3
(7 pages - MS Word format)
Basic bylaws. "The Middleton Community Theatre is organized exclusively for the following purposes: literary, theatrical and/or educational purposes" Bylaws3.doc
Bylaws Sample 4
(8 pages - MS Word format)
Bylaws for a company devoted to musical theatre productions Bylaws4.doc
Bylaws Sample 5
(simple structure, 4 pages, MS Word format)
Bylaws for a company with a simple governance structure. "The purposes of the Corporation are: to stimulate, promote, teach and develop interest in the dramatic arts; to educate the general public in the dramatic arts; to advance the general level of culture in the field of dramatic arts by the establishment and maintenance of a theater for the production of plays, musicals, readings, dramas, comedies, shows, exhibitions, and dramatic arts in all forms and of the highest standards; and to bring all aspects of the dramatic arts to areas and centers not adequately served at the present time." Bylaws5.doc
Bylaws Sample 6
(simple structure,
3 pages, MS Word format)
Bylaws for another company with a simple governance structure. "The Civic Theatre is organized and incorporated under the laws of the State to conduct a community drama and recreation organization, without profit to any member, and is dedicated to the study, practice and production of dramatics, painting, music, and other fine arts, for educational, recreational, civic and benevolent purposes in the public interest of Middleton, Smith County, California, under such plans as may be formulated from time to time by the Board of Governors." Bylaws6.doc
Bylaws Sample 7
(extensive, 15 pages, MS Word format)
Bylaws for a company with an extensive, detailed governance structure. "The purposes of this organization are: First: To present live theatre productions for the cultural education, entertainment, and inspiration of the community. Second: To foster and develop, through theatrical workshops and other appropriate means, the artistic talents and skills of company members and other interested persons. Third: To engage in and subsidize social activities designed to foster the foregoing purposes of the organization as limited by the laws." Bylaws7.DOC
Bylaws Sample 8
(no membership, 4 pages, MS Word format)
Bylaws for a company with no membership.  "The purpose of The Middleton Theater is to enhance the quality of life in Middleton, Washington by providing quality theater experiences for the residents of Middleton, Washington and other areas in the State of Washington and providing for the training and education of actors, directors and others involved in theater productions and by providing an opportunity to demonstrate and improve their skills by participating in theatrical productions." Bylaws8.doc
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