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image of question markAs a service to the theatre community, AACT provides over 1000 definitions of theatrical terms.  Fully searchable, our glossary is helpful for technical staff, directors, actors, producers, or anyone wanting to better understand the inner workings of theatre.

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LOAD-IN (electrical) 1) The electrical power rating, in watts, of the equipment connected to a particular lighting dimmer. 2) The equipment connected to a dimmer.
LOAD-OUT The process of, or time-period for, moving sets, props, etc, out of a theatre after a production.
LOADING DOCK Access into the theatre for scenery and other equipment. Also called a Loading Bay.
LOGE Seating area in traditional proscenium arch venues. Exact location varies according to the venue, but is usually a "box" position at the dress circle level. (From the French Logè).
LORT League Of Resident Theatres. It is an agreement with Actor's Equity regarding payment/treatment of actors. Prior to this agreement, Equity basically dealt with Broadway type productions and nothing else.
LOUDSPEAKER Device for converting the electrical signal from an amplifier back into sound waves, most commonly by vibrating a paper cone. Most speaker systems are composed of a number of sources - each designed to handle a specific range of frequencies. Usually shortened to just "speaker."
LOW VOLTAGE Lower voltage lamps give more intense light than mains voltage lamps of the same wattage.
LUAUN or LUAN A flexible thin plywood used for covering flats, also known as "doorskin." Also known as Philippine mahogany. Use is declining due to the fact that it is sourced from environmentally unsustainable resources in the Brazilian Rainforest.
LUMEN A measure of light output from a source.
LUMINAIRE The international term for lighting equipment. Not restricted to theatre lighting.
LYRIC The words to a song; also ''lyrics."


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