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AACT webinars are presented live, but many have been recorded for those who could not attend, or who would like to review a session's content.

Green Leaf Icon Video: Planning Your Season: A Q&A with Concord Theatricals
Learn how to plan your season during COVID including how to apply for streaming/digital rights through Concord. Panel will consist of a representatives from each of the licensing catalogs: R&H Theatricals, Samuel French, Tams-Witmark and The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection. Panelists:  Billie Davis Vice President, Amateur Licensing; Natty Koper, Amateur Licensing Manager; Samantha Cooper Amateur Licensing Coordinator; William Whitaker, Amateur Licensing Coordinator; Robin Pomatto, Concord Theatricals Concert Library Manager.
Recorded  09/11/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: AACT Membership Q&A Roundtable
A chat with AACT staff & leadership about AACT membership benefits, upcoming events, and tips on using the AACT website
Recorded  09/3/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Creating Food Props with Silicone Clay
Here's a fun, "out of your head and into your art" webinar on food prop creation. Prop Master Michael Wilson, from Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, will demonstrate how to make and create faux food items from very versatile and inexpensive silicone clay that looks very realistic on stage.  Using the faux sub sandwiches he made for the lunch lady in the production Junie B Jones, Wilson takes you through all the steps of how to prep, use, and craft with this medium. Wilson has been creating props for stage productions for over 25 years. Not only is he Prop Master for Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, he also has created props for Opera Grand Rapids, Circle Theatre, Grand Valley University, Aquinas College and Mason Street Warehouse. Over the years, Michael has developed a special focus on the creation of specialty and faux food stage props.
Recorded  08/28/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Stage Management & COVID-19
An in-depth conversation on issues and changes that stage managers are facing, due to Covid-19. Our panel answers questions and provides advice on reopening, and preparing your backstage crew. Moderator: Mary Jo Denolf, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. Panelists: Amber Bielinski, Head of BFA Stage Management. University of Utah; Nena Curley, Tacoma Little Theatre; Chantel Ficklin, Hale Centre Theatre; Rhonda Lehan, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre; Andrew Schneider, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre; Melissa Sparks, Theatre Tulsa.
Recorded  08/14/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Outdoor Performances & Theatre Productions
How theatres are moving their shows and performances outside and on the road. Moderator: Katrina Ploof, Ocala Civic Theatre. Panelists: Trinity Bird, The Sauk; Lynne Brown, Circle Theatre; Michael Cochran, Market House Theatre; Mary Doveton, Theatre Lawrence; Morrie Enders, Lincoln Playhouse; Brandon Smith, Tecumseh Institute of Outdoor Drama; John Tissue, Unto these Hills Mountainside Theatre/Institute of Outdoor Drama.
Recorded  08/07/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Board Engagement and Retention During Covid-19
Theatres have been affected in unprecedented ways by the novel coronavirus. Their boards of directors play a critical role in helping navigate this crisis. Join us in a Webinar Q&A discussion on how to keep your Board involved and engaged through these times of uncertainty. Moderator: Michael Fox, Hale Centre Theatre. Panelists: Kris Jackson, Players By The Sea; Jarrod Kopp, Theatre Tulsa; Larry Nielsen, Twin City Players; Seth Spoonhouse, Community Theatre League; Christy Valle, Richland Players; Gary Walker, AACT.
Recorded  07/31/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Developing a Digital Playbill for Your Theatre
A presentation by Onstage Publications President Norman Orlowksi on how to develop a digital playbill for your theatre. We all are trying to figure out a solution to replacing printed programs, in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But why are they all so complicated? Learn the benefits, differences, costs and challenges that may be associated with going digital--now and in the future.
Recorded  07/24/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Theatre's Future: Conversations with Broadway Producer Ken Davenport
A Q&A Webinar session with Ken Davenport, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer and founder of Davenport Theatrical Enterprises. Discussion topics include: What kind of shows people are going to want to see when live theatre returns; how to plan for the future, stay productive, and use this pause to the benefit of your upcoming production/organization; and how nonprofit theatres will lead the return of live theatre. Davenport's credits include Once On This Island (Tony Award), The Play That Goes Wrong, Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening (Tony nomination), Allegiance, It’s Only a Play, Godspell, Kinky Boots, The Visit (Tony nomination), Mothers and Sons (Tony nomination), Chinglish, and many others. 
Recorded  07/17/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Online Theatre Instruction: Best Practices
Teaching theatre online presents many challenges, but with some basic best practices, theatre educators and instructors can help their students connect and grow as artists in an inclusive and accessible environment – even online. Presenters: Allyson Paris, Associate Director of Grand Rapids Civic Theatre; Rachel Varley, Curriculum Coordinator, Director, & Teaching Artist at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.
Recorded  07/09/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Hytropy's COVID-19 Recovery for Community Theatres Webinar, Round 2
A second webinar with AACT Corporate Partner, Hytropy Disaster Recovery. Topics will cover new developments and data within the disaster relief field and how it will apply to your theatre, including Lobby and Crowd Management, Seating, Will-Call Tickets, Youth Camps, Intermission, Usher PPE and Volunteers, Vulnerable Populations and Scheduling of Shows, and the Disaster Hawk App. Presenter: Patrick Hardy, President, Hytropy Disaster Recovery.
Recorded  06/30/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: What Will a Post-Pandemic Theatre Season Look Like?
It's a question on everyone's mind, and this presentation will give you important information and resources you'll need in order to chart your course over the next year. Topics include 90-minute (or shorter) concert versions of popular titles (no intermission to avoid crowds at restrooms); social distancing for the audience, cast and crew; royalty adjustments for smaller houses; choosing and promoting small-cast shows; online productions; and much more. Presenters: Jim Hoare, Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), and John Prignano, Music Theatre International. MTI
Recorded  06/26/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Online Marketing in the Time of COVID-19
How can community theatres stay relevant and top-of-mind during this summer of social distancing and isolation? By building an online marketing strategy that engages a theatre’s two most important groups:  your volunteers and your patrons. In this webinar, theatre makers will learn: 1) which digital marketing content and channels are winning online right now; 2) ways to structure and manage your digital marketing projects at low to no cost; and 3) a handful of tactics to get your online content seen by both volunteers and patrons. [Training level:  Intermediate] Presenter: Julie Nemtiz, Founder & Chief Content Officer, Playhouse Marketing Group LLC.
Recorded  06/18/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Livestreaming Today and Beyond: The beginning-to end-process of livestreaming a production
Learn how to livestream a licensed production, from securing the rights to paying out royalties, and how livestreaming will change over the coming year. Also what "live” really means, the legal ins and outs of livestreaming, marketing your production, diversifying your audience, and more. Presenters: Tralen Doler  (Broadway Licensing) and Brendan Conheady (Broadway Licensing/Playscripts)
Recorded  06/12/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Event Safety Alliance's Reopening Guide 2
The second Q&A on the Reopening Guide and how it pertains to community theatres. As municipal officials begin to allow small groups of people to gather in public even while the fight against COVID-19 continues, there is a tremendous need for guidance on how small events and venues can reopen as safely as possible under these incredibly challenging circumstances.  In response, the Event Safety Alliance has released The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, which will also be the basis of this presentation. [View Guide here] Presenter: Steven A. Adelman, Adelman Law Group, PLLC, and Vice President, Event Safety Alliance
Recorded  06/05/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Insurance Resources during COVID19
The impact of Covid-19 has and will continue to make unprecedented changes to the insurance industry and policies for businesses in the coming years. Join us for a Webinar Q&A with USI Southwest Insurance Agent, Ken Roberts to learn about potential policy changes, how to file a claim, what to look for in your current policy, and what to plan for in the future. (Please note: All insurance claims and advice should be vetted and authenticated by your insurance provider or legal counsel before pursuing.) Presenter: Ken Roberts, USI Southwest Insurance
Recorded  06/04/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide
As municipal officials begin to allow small groups of people to gather in public even while the fight against COVID-19 continues,
there is a tremendous need for guidance on how small events and venues can reopen as safely as possible under these
incredibly challenging circumstances.  In response, the Event Safety Alliance has  released a Reopening Guide. Join us for a Webinar Q&A on the Reopening Guide, and how it pertains to community theatres. [View Guide here] Presenter: Steven A. Adelman, Adelman Law Group,PLLC, and Vice President, Event Safety Alliance 
Recorded  05/27/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: To Live Stream or Not to Live Stream? That Is The Question
Streaming basics and good testing practices. You’ll also learn three different approaches to streaming and the costs associated with each. Finally, we’ll discuss practical strategies to solve some of the new technical challenges.  Presenter: Philip Powell, Executive Director of The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, and President of Leading Edge Video.
Recorded  05/22/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: AACT Roundtable - Youth Theatre Educators
Typically, theatres are offering summer classes and youth productions.  What steps must we take to ensure cleanliness and safety?  Can on-site classes and productions be profitable? What content will work with social distancing?  What on-line sources are there for virtual classrooms?  Should the tuition fee structure change for an on-line course?  AACT  gathered a panel of theatre experts who shared where they are in their thinking, what on-line course work they’re offering and then took questions from the participants. 
Recorded  05/21/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Minimizing the Cost of Scenery: Using Projections at Your Theatre
Responding to the financial impact of COVID-19,  this online workshop focuses on cutting production costs by using projected digital scenery--and how projection design is both doable and more affordable than physical scenery. Presenter: Lawrence Haynes, Broadway Media
Recorded  05/19/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: StageStock - New Technologies During Covid-19.  The StageStock mobile app makes inventory management a collaborative part of the production process and promotes more reuse and sharing of inventory. Attendees will receive a special offer to try StageStock for free during this unprecedented period of downtime and distancing.
Recorded  05/15/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Aging Made Simple - Insights from Mehron.  Learn new skills or brush up on your old makeup skills in this 45-minute webinar. Gene Flaharty demonstrates the Mehron Mini-Pro Makeup Kit and the "Gene Method," using makeup to create various stages of aging simply and effectively.
Recorded  05/13/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: FFCRA & CARES Act HR. The federal government offers relief to help businesses keep running, and their workers employed, amid the health crisis. This webinar discusses HR and payroll topics related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Presenter: J. Will Manuel, the Bradley Law Firm
Recorded  05/12/2020

Green Leaf Icon Handout: How COVID-19 is Impacting Intentions to Attend Cultural Entities (and what will make visitors feel comfortable visiting again). This presentation shared timely and pressing data to aid in informing strategic direction to maximize engagement upon reopening. Presenter: IMPACTS Research & Development.  While this May 7th webinar was not recorded, a PDF handout is available for download.
Presented 05/07/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Addressing Today’s Fundraising Challenges: The Realities for 2020.  Fundraising is continuing and even thriving in these days of the Coronavirus.  In some cases, effective philanthropy will be the lifeblood that ensures that an organization survives the crisis. This workshop addresses the challenges, and how you can be successful as a nonprofit executive, a board member, or fundraiser. Presenter: Brian J. Bonde, ACFRE, Advanced Certified Fundraising, LLC.
Recorded  05/05/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Round 2: Theatrical Publishers Respond to COVID-19: What Comes Next?  The second round of Q&A with a new panel of theatrical publishing companies (Stage Rights, Broadway Licensing, and Dramatic Publishing). Webinar focuses on the state and impact of COVID-19 on the publishing and theatre industry, with answers on licensing and show selection
Recorded  05/01/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: VirtualCallboard - New Technologies During Covid-19  In today’s constantly changing environment, communication between staff and volunteers is critical. In this webinar, see how community theaters of all sizes can use the VirtualCallboard mobile app to communicate with people, manage schedules and resources, and share production files and reports.  Presenters: Sam Anderson & Jason McDaniel, EmptySpace Technologies LLC
Recorded  04/30/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: Theatrical Publishers Respond to COVID-19: What Comes Next?   A Q&A webinar on the state and impact of COVID-19 on the publishing industry. Answers on licensing and show selection from Music Theatre International, Concord Theatricals, Dramatists Play Service, & Theatrical Rights Worldwide.
Recorded  04/17/2020

Green Leaf Icon Video: COVID-19 Recovery Webinar for Community Theatres. Presented by AACT & Hytropy Reverse Disaster
Recorded  03/31/2020

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